Monday, 25 January 2010

Make your own style statement with Cubic zirconia jewelry

Cubic zirconia has come out to be the best alternative of diamonds. The most important feature is that it costs nearly a fraction of the original costs of diamonds. This is a synthetic metal that can be developed in laboratory. Cubic zirconia jewelry is very much in demand and people are just dying to have them. It’s not possible for everyone to have diamonds so having a beautiful set of bracelets made of zirconia can make you feel happy and somewhat contended. You can get these gems attached to any set of jewelry like clip on earrings and have a fake diamond set ready for you.

However the original gem does not have a color and is colorless in its original form still you can have these gems in any color you want. Metal oxides of different colors are added to it and desired colors are made according to this. Thus this is the process how you get different colored stones in a cubic zirconia jewelry. This metal out shines more than original diamonds and hence special care is needed to be taken with these stones so as to save them from losing their lustre. You should follow certain measures with your CZ to impart it a long and safe life. There are many ways to help you clean the surface of zirconia including the new found technology of electronic cleaners.
CZ jewelryYou should always clean your cubic zirconia jewelry with the help of soft fabrics such as flannel and other soft cottons. Rough surface of the fabrics used can wear away the surface of the metal and thus snatch away the lustre. You should move the fabric in such a way that straight and gentle motions are created which can gently rub away the dust particles and grease accumulated on the surface. Circular motions should never be made as such motions would rub the dust particles with the surface of the metal and thus the surface will be damaged. Then you can also go for using soft brushes to clean the dirt from all the nook and corners. You can also put your cubic zirconia jewelry against the steam from the hot boiling water. The hot team will get stuck to the impurities and when you rub a soft flannel or any other fabric these dust particles can come out easily. The above methods would only save your jewelry from getting damaged but would also increase their lives and make them strong from the outer adverse effects.

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