Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CZ jewelry- A fashion style

Owing a marvelous piece of jewelry like clip on earrings is an insightful investment. One would always try to get the best jewelry if he has a likeness toward collecting jewelries. For those who dream to have diamonds but cannot invest enough money to have them can simply switch off to CZ jewelry. CZ or mainly known as cubic zircon is a synthetic stone and has succeeded in overtaking diamond to a remarkable level. It’s the best piece of metal with its enhanced qualities and so cheap costs. Since found in 1892, this metal has been constantly serving the people at its best.clip on earringsCZ jewelry has slightly less brilliance than the original diamonds and has more fire i.e. the ability to flash colors of a rainbow. Many times even the skilled and trained professionals have to depend on different sort of equipments to find out the original diamond when both of them are placed together. CZ is the best substitute available in the place of diamonds. Hence cubic zirconia has presented its image as the best diamond substitute and the leading fashion statement in the jewelry. This metal can be mixed with other metals and would result in such beautiful jewelries like bracelets that you would have never ever known.braceletsThe best use of this metal is that it consists of various colors and hence proves to be more useful than diamond. You can choose among the lot many colors provided and since it is so cheap you can have a range if these colors to match all your dresses. The quality of this metal is very high, and it is flawless at the same time. It is harder than most of the gems hence it is very durable in nature. Even the weight of CZ jewelry is 65% heavier than diamond. It even has the higher dispersion than diamond. CZ outshines the diamond to certain level hence differentiating it from diamond.

Special measures should be taken to clean this jewelry. One should always use flannel or soft cotton to polish the CZ jewelry. Fabrics that have rough surface would reduce the lustre of CZ hence one should always go for clean and soft cloth and gently rub off the grease and dust. Circular motions would always cause the dirt particles to damage the surface of the gem. A soft brush and cleaning agent like very mild soap can also be used to clean the jewelry. Here are few varieties of ultrasonic electronic cleaner also available that can help you with the proper cleaning of your jewelry.
CZ jewelry

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