Sunday, 11 October 2009

Jewelry: Watch out for Watches this Season!

cz jewelryBefore it was common for women to wear big earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, women were wearing watches. However, watches were more of a necessity and a gadget of functionality more than anything else. Watches are now a huge part of women’s, and especially men’s, jewelry. They come in so many unique styles with interesting bands and faces. There are watch jewelry sets that feature interchangeable faces and bands for multiple looks! Furthermore, the watch has evolved from more than just a feature of the wrist. Watches have been put in the form of charms that can me put on bracelets or necklaces. Watch rings were even popular for some time. The point is that wearing a watch is not just about keeping time anymore. Watches are a full out accessory.

In my opinion watches on men and women are very classy. They can add a look of polish and sophistication to an already put together look. A watch can indicate a person who is intellectual and punctual. A watch can also be something entirely different. In the block buster hit formatted from book to screen, Twilight, Kristen Stewart wore a watch featuring a turquoise disk that concealed the face of the watch. In this situation the watch appeared as simply a bracelet on her character, Bella’s, wrist. The watch appeared to be a bracelet, but at anytime Bella could have checked her watch as not to be late for her vampire lover, Edward.
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Whether you decide to wear your watch in the traditional way, on your wrist or around your neck, don’t be afraid to bring back watches to your jewelry collection! There is something for everyone these days when it comes to wearing a timepiece. Into charm bracelets? Add a watch charm to your charm bracelet! Do you like cz jewelry? Then you could throw a cubic zirconia jewelry watch into your jewelry collection too! Find what you like and don’t be afraid to show it off!

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