Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fabulous Cz Jewelry

cz jewelryHave you ever read the magazines after a big Hollywood event like the Oscars or the Golden Globes? If you have, then you know all about the best dressed and worst dressed lists. While these lists are primarily about the gown choices of the stars, I can’t help but notice how they accessorize their outfits. Sometimes even the stars with the most outrageous and absurd gowns will still have the most amazing jewelry. Almost every female celebrity at any red carpet will have amazing jewelry. Often times they are able to borrow expensive gems from famous jewelry designers and dealers. While you and I have no chance of being able to do that, we still can look amazing ourselves with the little help of cubic zirconia jewelry. Honestly, there is little difference between a diamond tennis brcz jewelryacelet and a cz jewelry bracelet in looks and effect. Of course there is one major difference in that the diamond tennis bracelet costs up to three or four times more than the cubic zirconia one.

I have written about it several times before, but I can’t help but reiterate that diamonds are nothing more than a false symbol of wealth and class. However, since diamonds are controlled by one sole company, the diamond industry becomes an artificial market where the price is inflated to make it appear as though diamonds are rare. In actuality diamonds are not rare. If you want to look amazing in stunning jewelry, then you should definitely choose to wear cz jewelry instead of diamonds. Cubic zirconia comes in many different colors, cuts, and styles. The best thing about cubic zirconia jewelry is that you can get identical looks to that of the celebrities without paying anything close to the same price. You can buy a full accessory set from bracelet to necklace to earrings! Is there really any other option when you fully weigh the pros and cons? Icz jewelry have several sets of cubic zirconia jewelry that I use for formal occasions. I have a lovely canary yellow set that looks simply gorgeous with the proper dress. Then I have a turquoise set and a standard clear cubic zirconia set that is my fall back for any gown.

From cz rings to cz bracelets and earrings, you can either buy a set or individual pieces. Individual pieces can be unique and interesting while the sets can be your standard back up for formal occasions. Just remember when you are looking at the celebs that you can have jewelry that looks equally stunning. Have fun choosing sets and individual pieces. Mix, match, and have a ball while you are preparing for your next ball!

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