Sunday, 21 August 2011

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Every one of us has ideas we want to recapture either on canvas or in camera. Inspiration is everywhere. Take your keen eye everywhere and create stunning beauty with your camera. Beat the master of abstract of photography— Josef Sudek— if you want.

Abstract photography is a method of creating an image using colors and pattern with the absence of its true meaning and clear subject. Abstract philosophy create stunning effect and embrace more to the imagination and it vividly pay attention on texture and color rather than to signify the whole subject. The definition of abstract philosophy is similar to abstract painting in a way that its meaning is hidden from anyone and yet as illusory as any other form of art.

Abstract philosophy is not simply to represents an object with abstruse effect. It is more than just creating objects with blurred image. The work of abstract photography denotes something that can be interpreted but not seen. However, since this kind of work permeates more subjective interpretation to everyone, abstract philosophy is so complex that it is hard to define and understand.

Abstract philosophy works in any technique almost in intricate manner. For example, the picture of a flower is clearly portrays in many still life. With abstract philosophy that same picture will have a different representation (like manipulating the color tones) that is mesmerizing to the eye.

There are no rules in working an abstract photography as long as your imagination wills with different perspective and can formulate the meaning of an object hidden in the picture.

Do you think abstract philosophy is challenging? But first know how abstract photography is done.

If you are serious to take abstract photography it is practical to have a professional high speed camera and special high speed film. Also, have an understanding to the basic principles of photography like the shutter speed, aperture, focusing, ISO speed, types of lens, white balance, and lightning effects. These are to maximize the aesthetic effect of your work.

Using a slow shutter speed to shoot car speeding fast will give you an abstract image. One of the tricks of creating an abstract image when using the shutter of camera is to crop tightly. Make your object a blur image.

Creating a perfect shot requires an intelligent mind. The true artist must know how to be a technician also for photography is not only an art of form but of technical knowledge.

Never mind that I was using slide film (Fuji Provia 400). I would have the option of leaving them in color or converting them to black and white abstract photographs after I scanned them. I shot away and took about six images of the leaves from different angles.

This is actually a common, and yes, cliched, form of abstract photography – take close-up pictures of leaves, flowers and other natural objects and, where appropriate, convert the image to black and white.

But, as one of my photography friends once remarked, even cliches have value if they are well-executed

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