Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reasons for Wearing a Promise Ring

Just like the ordinary ring, a promise ring is worn in the left hand finger but specifically people prefer to wear it in the middle most finger. It is a pre-engagement ring worn to signify that there is commitment to a monogamous relationship. Anyone wearing this ring implies that he or she is engaged and will come to marry very soon. Since the world now has turned crazy due to the rise of immorality, many people especially the ladies wear this ring in order to scare away those men who are fond of approaching any lady whom they meet on the way. This means that people may wear it for their different reasons. When a man meets with a lady wearing this particular ring, he somehow respects her because he does not know how far her partner is. However, we can argue that through wearing this particular ring, respect is maintained and the rate of sexual harassment is also minimized.

This ring is similar to engagement ring although it symbolises a promise that will happen in a very near future. People feel very proud when they wear this particular ring because their friends will not notice any desperation in them that may be caused by lack of a partner. Many people especially ladies can stay for a long time without getting the men of their dreams and once they get them, the ring will make a mark on their fingers until the final day of marriage. This is good because marriage is very important in many societies since if one stays unmarried in a society can be regarded as an outcast and it is not really a good show.

It should also be noted that people wear this ring and match it with similar necklaces around their necks all having been made of the same material and the same colour. This justifies fully that there exists a particular promise with that particular person in a very near future. This sign is also a sign of purity in the sense that it is worn to signify a pledge to sexual abstinence until marriage.

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