Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Clip on Earrings - When I don’t have ear piercings…

Clip on Earrings
Do you have ear piercings? Did you ever want to get your ears pierced but then reluctant to do it because of being afraid of the pain? I’m not going to lie; I was one of those people. But no worries now! Clip on earrings are back in style!

Many girls are uneasy with the notion of piercing their ears. Many may be scared, while others are insecure about whether they should have additional holes in their body. Whatever the reasons are, the fact is that they do not have ear piercings.

It is then the clip on earrings finds their use. Most women know what clip on earrings are, but somehow those earrings are not considered as fashionable. Recently, with many Hollywood stars wearing clip on earrings, this concept has been turned upside-down. There is a rising trend again.
Clip on Earrings
Clip on earrings are safe to wear. For some people, ear infection from wearing earrings can be very problematic. But with clip on earrings, ear infection is almost zero. Being able to avoid this kind of condition, many women believe is smart not to pierce their earrings.

Another great reason for wearing clip on earrings is that there shall never be a need for ears to heal after the piercing. One can put on a pair of clip on earrings conveniently, and then switch to another pair immediately. However, if a person gets their ears pierced then they have to wait for the ears to heal before they can put on another pair. Clip on earrings is totally better in this sense.

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