Thursday, 17 December 2009

How to Distinguish Between Diamond Jewelry And CZ Jewelry

There are a number of a considerations that you can consider to distinguish between diamond jewelry and CZ jewelry. For doing this, it is necessary that you make use of special jewelry identification equipments like loupe along with microscope etc. Whereas the rigidity of diamond measures 10 as it is the hardest material the latter one reads from 8.5 to 9 as the per the Moh’s rigidity scale. Besides this, if your rub dirt on the CZ, you would find that there not a single scratch has been c aused to it. So this is one way by which you can differentiate between the two.
Pear CZ Wedding Ring SetBesides this, you can differentiate between a CZ jewelry and diamond jewelry on the basis of their weight as well. The weight of the former one would be much more than the latter one and that is why people just love to have the former ones because the weight of regular diamond jewelry would be just half of what is the CZ one. So the next time you think of differentiating between the two, do not forget to consider their weights, as it is an important yet a simple factor which would give you an authentic difference between the two.

Apart from this, a genuine CZ jewelry is colorless and does not contain any kind of flaw in it. When ever you consider buying diamond jewelries, you would find that getting a colorless one is really very difficult. Most of them which you have or would contain a dim brown and yellow tinge. On the other hand you would find the CZ to be absolutely colorless and without any kind of flaw on it. Moreover, the best factor of differentiation between the two is that you always get the jewelry of CZ at a much lower price than the diamond ones.

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