Thursday, 2 July 2009

CZ Jewelry with Dark Stones

If you're passionate about rock and roll or you're open to wearing jewelry that might be a little edgier, than consider CZ jewelry with dark black stones. This trend is hot all over the style scene and has been spotted on celebs from Beyonce and Carmen Electra to Diablo Cody and Cate Blanchett. Although the stars regularly rock these black diamonds that are beautiful but very expensive, you can imitate the look with Cubic Zirconia jewelry that has all the glamour for a lot less moola.

CZ Jewelry with Dark Green Stones
The best way to wear dark or black stones in CZ jewelry is to keep the rest of your just as mysterious and sultry. This type of Cubic Zirconia jewelry pairs well with a LBD (little black dress) or navy. If you want to go a little lighter and channel old Hollywood glamour, pair your CZ jewelry with a beautiful satin gown. This ode to fifties and sixties style is classic chic and great for a special event.
CZ Jewelry with Dark Stones
There are many CZ jewelry options from which to choose. If you're looking for a statement piece, consider adding a great CZ cocktail ring to an evening look. One of the most popular trends right now is the oversize floral cocktail ring with black and clear crystals. This piece may seem a little adventurous for some, but this ring is a great accessory for many occasions. You can wear a CZ ring with jeans, a tank top and heels for a night dancing with the girls, or you can sport it to a formal occasion as a playful take on costume jewelry. Don't be afraid to play around and try out different CZ jewelry until you find items that you really love. For just a fraction of the cost of the real thing, you can afford to pick up a few pieces.

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