Thursday, 25 June 2009

Oprah's Winning Earrings Style

Oprah is known for being one of the powerful celebrities on the planet, but she's also one of the best dressed. Her style is chic, sophisticated and modern, always leaving us wanting more. No matter what she wears, she is known to have a knack for accessorizing – mostly with gorgeous earrings.
earrings 1
Oprah has a great sense of what looks good on her. She typically chooses bold earrings whether she's wearing her hair up or down. She tends to lean toward styles that really sparkle. Some of her favorite drop earrings are pear shaped, as she has fashionably worn on many occasions. She also wears long drop earrings that compliment her well.
earrings 2
While filming, Oprah tends to wear earrings that are big and beautiful. She can easily pull off a pair of diamond hoops or several carat studs. She pulls them off effortlessly and with confidence. When she's on the red carpet, Oprah trusts statement earrings that incorporate diamonds and classic designs. These pair well with her bold color choices like red and gold.
earrings 3
One things for sure - Oprah knows what earrings work for her. She's not interested in the latest short lived fads and celebrity trends. Instead, she stays up to date with earrings and jewelry that work well with her hairstyle, skin tone and outfits. She's a true style icon and one to watch.

If you love Oprah's earrings, but aren't prepared to splurge on pricey pieces, you can still get the same look for less. To get Oprah's style, consider CZ earrings that use large stones and are set in silver plated or sterling silver designs. You'll achieve the same sparkle and shine for a lot less moola. Plus, you might have enough left over to buy a new outfit to go with your fabulous new earrings.

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